Natural Hair Care Tips to Protect Hair from Sun Rays

The harsh summer rays are not only damaging to our skin but also to our hair, as hair is the first to be exposed to the sun rays. If we don't take proper protection against the sun, hair will loose its normal moisture, become brittle, dry with split ends, or even begin to grey. But don't worry. Here are some easy, natural ways we can protect hair against sun damage:

  1. Wear a hat, a stole or a scarf to cover your head whenever you go out so that hair won't be exposed to the damaging sun rays. You will also look cool and sexy in the same time.
  2. When you wash your hair, use shampoos that will nourish and moisturize hair. This helps improve the moisture in hair, as the sun cause lose of hair moisture easily.
  3. Twice a week, condition hair with smoothening and nourishing oils (natural grapeseed oil is recommended). This will help replenishing lost nutrition during the harsh sunny days.
  4. Apply leave-in conditioner or hair spray when styling your hair, which can provide you natural hair protection against harmful sun rays and dust.
  5. Cut your hair shorter to make it easier for you to maintain. You can wash your hair often without damaging them and you will find less sweat, grime and dust in your hair.

Easy, right? Follow these tips and you can enjoy summer without worrying any sun damage to your hair!

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