Natural Skin Care Tips for Summer 2012

With summer on the way, you just can't wait to have a sun-kiss look? However, the fun in the sun could be very damaging to your skin.

To keep your skin fresh and glowing during the hot, humid summer, here are several all-natural skin care tips:

1.  Drink more water

With hot weather and various activies during summer months, we lose a lot of moisture without knowing it. And our skin becomes dry too. So don't wait till you feel thirsty. Always take a container filled with water along with you and drink it every one or two hours.

2.  Wear less makeup

Avoid wearing heavy makeup in summer. The heat, humidity and sun ray make cosmetic on your face a heavy burden to your skin. Try light makeup as possible as you can in summer.

3. Eat Healthily

What you eat effects a lot on how your skin looks. When eating out at barbeques and festivals, avoid eating too much spicy, fried foods, which might cause acnes or increase oil production.

4. Apply sunscrean more often

You might properly don't know that applying sunscrean once before going out is not enough to protect your skin for the whole day. Sunscrean should be reapplied around every four hours, otherwise it won't be effective to fight against the UV rays.

5. Use moisturizer with Vitamin C

Skin tends to lose more moisture in summer and becomes dry, causing lines or wrinkles to be more prominent. Moisturizer with Vitamin C could solve these problem, as V-c remove free radicals from the skin, repairs past damage, and helps to hydrate it better. You can use such moisturizer on a daily basis during the summer months.

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