The word mineral literally means 'mined from the earth'. They can be divided into two main groups, metallic and non-metallic elements. Carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins are all based on the element, carbon, and are known as organic substances. Minerals do not contain carbon and are said to be inorganic. In nutritional terms, the word mineral refers to inorganic substances of which we need to obtain more than 100mg per day from our diet. Those needed in amounts much less than 100mg are referred to as trace elements - many of which are metals.

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Many men take a multivitamin and mineral supplement providing around 100 per cent of the recommended daily amount of as many micronutrients as possible. As a nutritional safety net to help safeguard...
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It can be very difficult to persuade children to take supplements: most children dislike the strong flavor of cod liver oil, for example, and it is better to give them a vitamin and mineral supplement...
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